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Male Escorts Urgently Required Now!!

Earn 80 - 100 an hour part time!! Yes that's right 80 - 100 an hour! To find out more read our frequently asked questions below or click here to register now

Escorting is In-Style and In Demand? Become a gay male escort!
The escorting market has evolved and transformed. Now that male escorts are in-style and highly in demand, don't miss the opportunity to join MaleGayEscorts, a quality escort agency for gay men. That's right, we make a variety of independent escorts available exclusively for our gay clients. And since there are literally thousands of men demanding professional male escorts, by joining our escort services, you can start earning generous amounts of money, deciding on your fees, your services, and your hours. With our assistance, our independent escorts make their own decisions and enjoy their job. So get ready for an adventurous job.

Do I have what it takes? What makes an ideal gay male escort?
So you're worried you're not the right age, or don't have supermodel looks? Well, it's not about looks, it's all about attitude. Every person has an ideal. We are looking for normal men - a variety of faces, body types, interests, etc. In order to be a successful independent escort, you should be respectful, well-mannered and eager to please. Of course being intuitive does not hurt. The idea is to satisfy your client, be receptive and make him feel confident, relaxed and happy that he selected you and no one else. Stunning looks will only get you so far, but charm, professionalism, style and the ability to please will do the trick. We are currently looking for all types of escorts - companion escorts and eros escorts from all walks of life and from all over the UK. If you think you have what it takes, register now.

Do independent escorts need experience?
You don't actually need experience to become an escort. You simply need to know how to carry yourself. As a professional male escort you don't always need to have an irresistible body or mouthwatering looks. The experience you will need is life experience - knowing how to satisfy and pleasure. Our clients look for someone normal, a male escort that will make them feel comfortable, at ease and cater to their needs. Remember a variety of clients means a variety of needs. So if you are versatile and understanding, it goes a long way. It will be up to you to choose whether you will offer companion and/or eros escort services and discuss the stipulations of each client individually. MaleGayEscorts will supply you with additional information about escorting to help you have a rewarding experience.

What is expected of independent escorts?
Each one of your clients will have individual needs and expectations to fulfill. Some are looking for companionship; others are looking specifically for eros escorts. However, our independent escorts set the rules: so it's up to you to decide on what type of escort services you are apt for and how much you charge. Be sure to charge competitive rates and provide a no rush service. It's up to you to set your limits and discuss expectations with each client on an individual basis.

We have a number of eros escorts willing and interested in providing their clients with a relaxing, erotic massage and other services agreed upon by two consenting adults or gay escorts who provide companionship and accompany their clients on business trips, special engagements, a night out, or anything really. The key is that as a MaleGayEscorts escort you will be responsible for being disease free, cordial, considerate and always sensitive to your client's needs.

How often will I work?
Remember, as one of our independent escorts, you get paid to give and have a good time. But you also get to decide on your schedule. Keep in mind that the majority of appointments are in the evenings or on the weekends, so most of our male escorts operate on a part-time basis. Of course, the more you work, the more you earn. It's quite simple. Most of our professionals have no problem incorporating escorting into their regular schedule. You can offer both incall/outcall escort services. As long as you are outgoing, cordial and accommodating, you should have no problem with the hours and will absolutely love this job.

How will a client select me?
Once you submit your personal information and details into our database, your independent escort portfolio will be created. Before you register, consult our independent escort portfolio packages to help you decide which one is best for you. Keep in mind that there are many london escort agencies, many escorts but luckily also many eager clients. So make sure you stand apart. Clients will use your portfolio to help them make their selection. Unless you email us with your own tasty portfolio description, we will have to write a generic one for you. So use your portfolio wisely.

How are escort services arranged?
At MaleGayEscorts we provide an all encompassing escort service and assist our independent escorts in arranging their appointments. In order to set up appointments escort services, we will either instruct the client to call you directly using the contact number you have given us or MaleGayEscorts will contact you directly, also using the contact number you provide during escort registration. In either case, you will be given as much notice as possible. Most independent escorts operate from mobile phones, but they are not essential and even without one, you can always count on full discretion and confidentiality when using our service.

Method of payment.
Make sure both you and your client clearly understand the nature of the escort services you have agreed to provide, as well as the fees involved. We have instructed our clients to pay you in cash and in full at the start of each meeting. Clients are also aware of having to pay for the any additional expenses (i.e. tickets, meals, drinks) that the two of you might incur during the meeting. MaleGayEscorts has no direct involvement with this payment process and will not be held responsible for any misunderstandings. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information.

I am ready to give escorting a try. What's next?
So you think you're ready to become an independent escort? Complete our on-line male escort registration form and create an enticing independent escort portfolio. Before registering, make sure to take a look at our independent escort portfolio packages for samples and pricing of the three different packages we offer. And consider listing in our free escort gallery. The small fee goes a long way, since unregistered customers will also have access to your profile. After you register, we will provide you with a business bank account number to deposit your total payment. Following payment confirmation, you will be given a username and password to log on to the site and activate your portfolio.

What is an independent escort portfolio?
All independent escorts have a portfolio that contains all the information that a client will need to select the escort that's right for him. Use your profile to entice a potential client, convince him that you are the one, but be honest and realistic. This is your chance to tell your clients exactly what you can give them. Email us with a profile description that you think will win you the client, otherwise we will post our own generic description for you. You will find that we offer three different packages, but we encourage you to purchase a profile package that comes with photograph options. Photographs help your profile become even more compelling, since many clients opt to view only those profiles that include photos. Visit our independent escort portfolio packages page to see samples.

Are escort services confidential?
MaleGayEscorts is a private and exclusive company, providing nothing short of professional gay male escort services. We treat the confidentiality of both clients and our independent escorts seriously. MaleGayEscorts aims to keep our clients happy, so your discretion comes first. When you join our escort service, become one of our gay male escorts for hire, or contract one, none of the details you submit during the registration process will be used for anything other than setting up your account. All Transactions are 100% secure. For more information, read our Terms and Conditions.

Why chose MaleGayEscorts?
So why do so many independent escorts choose MaleGayEscorts? If you are a first time gay male escort, then you will need to find a company that assists you in every way possible. Most independent escorts who are new to the business choose MaleGayEscorts because of the service we offer. Not only do we provide our escorts with full support and advice, but we also run trendy up-to-date promotion campaigns in some of the most popular media (i.e. Pink Paper, Boyz Mag, Friday ads, Gay Times & Q2 and the Internet), to expand your clientele. Moreover, what we respect most is that you are an independent escort, so we promise never to charge you even a penny of your earnings, like other london escort agencies. We believe you should keep what you earn. As a legitimate male escort services agency, we are committed to providing all of our clients with real quality services.

Curious but unsure?
Still having doubts about becoming a gay male escort? Contact us with any additional questions.

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